6 Leadership Styles That Get Results

Posted by Morgan Landry on Sep 12, 2019 8:12:00 AM

GettyImages-1010837126Daniel Goleman, author of Leadership that Gets Results, developed research that suggests the most effective executives use a collection of distinct leadership styles, each in the right measure, at just the right time. This adaptability is tough to put into practice, but pays off when executed. Best part, it can be learned.

Recently, I sampled the Accomplishing the Results You Want content with one of our top coaches and facilitators, Matt Rush. The most readily implemented takeaway was how to adjust my leadership style across my team, my peers, and my supervisors to well accomplish the results I wanted. 

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The lesson was based on an expert from Goleman's research which found powerful leaders used six styles, each compromising from different areas of emotional intelligence. Here is a summary of each style, when they work best and how it can impact your organization for success.

The Affiliate Leader: People Come First.

The defining characteristics of an affiliate leader is their ability to connect with people on a highly empathetic scale. They focus on build strong emotional ties, instilling loyalty in the team while striving to keep the team happy and synergistic.

For you, this leadership style is best used in combination with the authoritative leadership style to allow for adequate course correction when team members  are nor performing to their highest ability. More specifically, try applying this style to heal rifts in a team or motivate people during stressful circumstances.

The Pace Setting Leader: Do as I do, NOW. 

The defining characteristics of a pace setting leader include setting high performance pace for themselves which set the expectation their team will follow. If a team member can't keep up, they are replaced. The pace setting leader exhibits a lack of trust in the team to take initiative. 

Initially, this leadership style was viewed as negative. For you, the best application to be a pace setting leader is when the team you're managing requires very little coordination and direction. This leadership style works best when you are trying to get quick results from a highly motivated and skilled team.

The Authoritative Leader: Come With Me.

The defining characteristics of an authoritative leader is their vision. They are forward looking, passionate, and inspiring leaders who can link each team member to the overall vision and output. Most commonly, authoritative leaders are empathetic, confident, and are a catalyst for change. This leadership style is most effective when your organization or team required new vision or when a clear direction and plan of action is needed. This positive leadership style is applicable in most situations.

The Coaching Leader: Try This. 

The defining characteristics of a coaching leader is their empathy, self awareness, and ability to develop others. An effective coaching leader can develop people for the future, balancing direction and freedom of exploration. For you, try a coaching leadership style to help an employee improve performance or develop long term strengths.

The Coercive Leader: Do What I Tell You To.

A coercive leader demands immediate compliance and is often seen in top down decision making. This leadership style thrives in crisis, turn around management, and hostile takeovers. This leadership style works best with problem employees as a last result when all else has failed. Implemented properly, a coercive leadership style can drive your team to achieve by shocking them out of their traditional ways of thinking.

The Democratic Leader: What Do You Think?

A democratic leader seeks feedback from the team and is very inclusive of everyone's input and opinions to forge consensus. You can find them implementing collaboration, team leadership, and communication methods to build buy in. For you, the democratic leadership style can best be implemented where there is a need to explore alternatives and when the team you're working with has the background and expertise to contribute effectively.

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Assess Your Management Team's Leadership Skills in 3 Minutes

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