Why the Best Managers Exemplify Positive Assertiveness

Posted by Terry Mott on Feb 28, 2019 11:13:54 AM

Positive AssertivenessOne of the most effective ways for a manager to pull people together for a common purpose is using the techniques called Positive Assertiveness. This approach is all about demanding quality work from the people under your supervision while maintaining a collegial atmosphere. For an organization to grow and thrive, it needs strong leaders who have both a deep understanding of their industry and a broad array of soft skills. A successful manager must be able to keep a team organized, motivated and on track toward fulfilling a company's goals. 

Understanding Positive Assertiveness

Communication skills are essential in the workplace, especially when you're in a leadership role. Being able to explain procedures to workers and describe the needs of your department to executives in both speech and writing can make all the difference in accomplishing your core objectives. Assertiveness is a vital component in your communication style, allowing you to express yourself in a way that convinces your audience and demonstrates why the ideas you have to contribute are important.

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Assertive communication is one of multiple leadership styles characterized by direct, carefully chosen language. Your interactions should reveal confidence and explicitly establish the responsibilities of everyone in the workplace. That kind of engagement can pay off with a positive atmosphere where any disagreements are resolved right away, avoiding prolonged conflicts. Even some conflict can be positive with the proper conflict management tools.

One common mistake that managers make is mistaking assertiveness for aggression. Your words to colleagues, subordinates and superiors should always be based in mutual respect, ensuring that others take you seriously while showing that you're interested in their feedback. By clearly stating your expectations and requirements, you are more likely to get your message through to people and have productive conversations.

Forbes featured the findings from a report that looked at the connections between specific qualities and overall effectiveness as a leader. In this study, leaders who rated in the 75th percentile for both assertiveness and judgment had a 71 percent chance of being assessed as good leaders. These results suggest that the way to become an excellent manager is by combining a strategic approach to your tasks with a compelling communication style.

Stepping up your communication

If you're interested in expressing yourself more assertively, there are a number of changes you can start making today. Growing into your role as a leader starts with taking a step back and assessing how you currently interact with others. Practice being more straightforward when discussing your perspective on business problems, and try monitoring your body language in the mirror.

Open up the lines of communication by learning effective organizational communication. Make an effort to connect with individuals at all levels, taking the time to provide others with relevant information or suggestions and listen to what they have to say in return.

In the process, you may find promising chances to collaborate with others and make the most of your respective strengths. Exchanging ideas across different specialties or departments can be a great opportunity to improve how your business functions. Often, powerful initiatives start with an open, respectful conversation.

Reflect on the kind of feedback that you provide to workers under your supervision or your colleagues. Honesty is important, but so is sensitivity: If employees feel they have been treated poorly, they are not likely to continue putting in their best efforts. Be aware of the effect your words have on others and try to make it positive. To learn more demo

The training to enable successful management

If you're ready to take the next steps toward presenting yourself as an effective leader in the workplace, you could benefit from the Mastering Positive Assertiveness workshop. This 2 day workshop is part of a curriculum from the Center for Leadership and Development powered by New Horizons. Participants will develop the necessary skills to communicate with confidence. The workshop covers topics such as selecting the right communication style to suit a variety of situations and achieve optimal results. Students explore how they can improve their listening and ask questions that encourage others to open up. They work on making their body language an asset, exhibiting confidence in their appearance as well as their speech. Find the next scheduled course date that fits your schedule or watch this free course demo for Mastering Positive Assertiveness.

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